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A Look Back: Karen Page’s Best Moments

With The Punisher season two only days away, actress Deborah Ann Woll recently posted this: Most likely the final appearance of me playing Karen Page will be in The Punisher Season 2. I miss her very much. Be sure to watch!! @jonnybernthal is amazing in it! So is everybody! Hope it gets to continue for a third season. 🤞 #Punisher #ThePunisher — Deborah Ann Woll (@DeborahAnnWoll) January 11, 2019 Deborah Ann Woll has been portraying Karen Page since Daredevil season one in 2015 and since then has been in all three seasons of the show, as well as The
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Daredevil’s Vincent D’Onofrio Joins the #SaveDaredevil Movement

It’s one thing for fans to rally together to attempt to save the fate of a beloved series, but when the actors become involved it’s truly heartwarming to see that the show meant just as much to fans as it did to those involved in the project. Daredevil being canceled brought many together online and the #SaveDaredevil is still floating around, because it’s a decision by Netflix that many of us cannot accept. Now it’s Wilson Fisk himself joining in. Vincent D’Onofrio, who gave arguably the best performance in Daredevil season three and that is a big statement considering how
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Amid Announcement Not to Renew Daredevil, Netflix Says Character Will Live On

Saying that Daredevil is canceled feels like an insult to the masterpiece that it was. Despite Erik Oleson pitching a fourth season, Netflix decided not to move forward with the Man Without Fear series. Furthering the speculation that all of the Marvel Netflix shows will receive the same fate. Iron Fist’s cancellation was understandable, Luke Cage’s was shocking, and Daredevil’s is telling. Still, Netflix released a statement (not nearly as informative as it should have been) stating that we will see Daredevil again in “future shows”. Considering how at one point Netflix had said the Marvel shows weren’t going anywhere and
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