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American Gods Season Two Premiere Date Announced

I cannot contain my excitement for the news I am about to break to you!! In an official statement from STARZ, American Gods has announced the premiere date for their second season. Drum roll please! March 10th at 8 pm! For those who don’t have a calendar in front of you, that’s on a Sunday and officially, only three months away! Season two will be available on the STARZ app the same day of its release and will consist of eight episodes released on a weekly basis. On top of this, season one will be showing in an all-day binge-athon
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American Gods Season Two Will Explore Social Media and Surveillance

STARZ’s American Gods was one of the many shows to premiere a new trailer and feed their fans with content at this year’s NYCC. The series, which is based on the book by legend Neil Gaiman; is a trippy sort of show that brings forth old and new gods, duking it out with humans often as collateral damage. With the book having been written in 1999, a lot has changed – even Technical Boy’s (Bruce Langley) appearance. In the book, you can think of the a-typical person you’d imagine sitting behind a computer for hours at a time in the
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Season Recap: American Gods

There’s rarely a television concept that we haven’t seen before. How many shows out there are based around crime scene detectives or sitcoms about the all American family? Stemmed from a book, American Gods certainly offers a unique storyline. Bringing together new and old gods from mythology into modern day society makes for one strange, interesting world that at times works and at times, doesn’t work. American Gods has only had one season so far and that season consisted of eight episodes. The series opens up with Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) being released from prison a few days before his
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