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‘Locke & Key’ Finds Home at Netflix

The comic book adapted series Locke & Key has been looking for a home ever since it was announced earlier this year. The series tried to find a home with Hulu but was turned away. Yesterday is was reported by Deadline that Netflix has ordered 10 episodes and that Netflix will not be using the Hulu’s pilot. Netflix plans to re-write the series with Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill. The actors hired for the Hulu pilot also will be completely re-cast. Locke & Key is an IDW series created by Gabriel Rodriquez and Joe Hill, the story revolves around a
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‘Thumper’ Movie Review

Crime, thriller dramas revolving around underground drugs are a dime a dozen, but I love watching them regardless. Originally premiering at the 2017’s Tribeca Film Festival, Thumper is now available on Netflix to watch. It features a slew of familiar faces, such as Eliza Taylor (The 100), Lena Headey (Game of Thrones), Pablo Schreiber (Orange is the New Black), and Daniel Webber (The Punisher). The movie centers around a handful of teens with clearly no parental supervision who involve themselves in high school and hardcore drugs. At the epicenter of it all is Wyatt Rivers, portrayed by Schreiber. Wyatt is
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