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Production Schedule Tentatively Set for ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel

With the end of HBO’s popular Game of Thrones coming next year, as most fans know by now, HBO is keeping its Game of Thrones saga going after the show wraps its final season. That will be taking the form of an upcoming prequel series, which will be set in the ancient days of Westeros, during the era known as “The Long Night.” With this in mind, the schedule for beginning work on the prequel has been tentatively scheduled. Omega Underground  has reported that production on the yet un-named Game of Thrones prequel could begin in February 2019. Locations will include Belfast,
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Aquaman Prequel Novel ‘Undertow’ Cover Revealed

For fans of fiction novels, especially those based on upcoming movies or well-known characters, such as AquaMan, it will be welcome news that the AquaMan prequel novel is upcoming. To herald its arrival, Harper Collins released the cover art for “AquaMan Undertow.” The upcoming novel written by Steve Behling with illustrations by Daniel Burgess is set to hit shelves November 6. The story follows a 13-year-old Arthur and his friend, Claudia, as he begins to discover the truth about his mother, who left when he was three, and the legendary world of Atlantis. In addition to Aquaman: Undertow, Harper Collins will also be
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