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The Punisher Will Release Trailer for Season Two Tomorrow

Cue manic screaming, because tomorrow, the trailer for the second season of The Punisher is dropping. The official Twitter page just released the small video below, eliciting much excitement from this particular fan. Unlike the other Netflix Marvel shows, and even the first season of The Punisher; the second season hasn’t gotten much in the way of promotion. We’ve had teasers here and there, but we’re less than ten days away and there’s still no full trailer; we had one for the first season at least a few months prior. BUT, better late than never. It all goes down tomorrow.
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The Season Two Blues: Netflix Marvel’s Predictable Trend

We were all shocked during the events of the second season of Daredevil, where Matt Murdock’s previously strong ties with Foggy Nelson began unraveling. Not only did their business go bottoms up, but their friendship deteriorated. On top of this, the re-introduction of Elektra back into Matt’s life put a major strain on his ties with Karen Page, to the point of completely breaking. How could friendships that were so strong in the first season be completely ripped apart just a few episodes later? Unfortunately, this is a trend we have now seen in the Netflix Marvel world. While The
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What if Ben Barnes was James Bond?

With reports coming out that Idris Elba will not be the next James Bond, discussion begins again for who would be fit as the world’s best spy? Personally, I’d love to see Tom Hiddleston tackle the role. Considering that Hiddleston will no longer be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Loki, we need to find a home for this amazingly talented actor. While there are others, asked the question, “why hasn’t anyone brought up Ben Barnes as a possibility for 007?” Barnes is certainly a smooth Brit. Playing swoon-worthy roles such as Dorian Grey, Logan Delos, and Billy Russo, you
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