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Ryan Reynolds Loves Wolverine So Much He Kept The ‘Logan’ Music Box

Within the first few minutes of Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds had made it his mission to rub salt in still pretty fresh wounds. If you’ve seen the movie Logan, which was essentially Hugh Jackman’s love letter to fans, you know how it ended. And you know the pain of watching Wolverine, a character that we’ve watched for over a decade; die while his daughter Laura watched. Of course, typical Deadpool; turned our pain into laughter by showing us a musical toy of Wolverine on that spike at the beginning of the movie. Apparently, Ryan Reynolds did not want to be
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Ryan Reynolds to Produce a ‘Home Alone’ Spin-Off

Only Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) would produce a spin-off spoof version of Home Alone centering around a space cowboy who smoked too much weed and couldn’t go on his skiing trip. This sounds like I’m making it up, but the Deadpool star is seriously doing this. We all love the movie Home Alone starring Macaulay Culkin, but the film was made in 1990 and considering kids now have cell phones at the age of 5, a reboot in 2018/2019 wouldn’t make much sense. Reynolds’ solution? Pot. According to Esquire, the film is called ‘Stoned Alone’ and its described as “… a twenty-something
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