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Actor Spotlight: Jacob Pitts

You enjoyed Justified, didn’t you? It was a great show that premiered for six seasons on FX, featuring Timothy Olyphant as the main character Raylan Givens in a modern-day Western of sorts. But, you know who was truly a great character on that show that was not utilized enough? Jacob Pitts as Tim Gutterson. The former sniper who never missed was full of snark and sass and while he gave us gold every time he was on the screen, there was a serious lack of Tim throughout the seasons. Pitts has been acting for some time, ever since 1999 with
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Is It Time to Bring Back Elliot Stabler on Law & Order: SVU?

Back when it was announced that Christopher Meloni was leaving Law & Order: SVU, many couldn’t believe that the long-standing crime-show could last. Among those skeptical was the person writing this article – me. Meloni had played Elliot Stabler for twelve seasons and although the series had a handful of great cast members, its bread and butter was Stabler and Benson. The hot-headed family man was, a lot of times; what was needed in many cases when dealing with the most despicable of perps on the show. His chemistry with Mariska Hargitay was unreal and although Stabler and Olivia Benson
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Peter Scanavino: A Career in Law & Order

Ever since Peter Scanavino walked on set in season sixteen of the long-running crime show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Detective Dominick “Sonny” Carisi, he’s been a fan favorite. The Italian-American from Staten Island who offers his teammates food and takes care of his co-workers’ children is hard to dislike. This character was meant to only come on briefly, but has been in the show for the last four seasons, including the upcoming twentieth season. Although we all love Carisi, Scanavino has had a long run in the Law & Order franchise. While he’s been in other movies
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