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Jake Gyllenhaal Celebrates Valentine’s Day With a Video of Co-Star Tom Holland

Because love is in the air today, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day and nothing is cuter than two co-stars with admiration for each other. Especially when the actors in this regards are Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal. Spider-Man: Far From Home will see Gyllenhaal introduced into the MCU as Mysterio and Holland will be reprising his role as Peter Parker. Considering Mysterio is looking like a “good guy” in the trailer, it’ll be interesting to see what goes on in the movie when it comes out, but I’m guessing the co-stars work closely together as they’ve been posting a lot of
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Actor Spotlight: Jake Gyllenhaal’s Best Movies

With the recent Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer releasing its awesomeness onto the internet, the universe is screaming over Jake Gyllenhaal’s premiere as the villain Mysterio (although he’s being presented as a good guy in the trailer). While many have known Gyllenhaal for a good while, as the man has been around for at least two decades; it stands to reason that there are probably those who are first being introduced to the actor. Especially those born after the year 2000; so, who is Jake Gyllenhaal? Some of his best work includes movies like Jarhead, South Paw, Zodiac, and many
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