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A Prayer for Mad Sweeney: What if Sean Harris Hadn’t Left American Gods?

Recasts happen all the time. A lot of our favorite on-screen characters landed that position because someone else had stepped away. Whatever cinematic powers above willed for the original pick to be gone and to bring in who rightfully deserved that role. While it might not always be the case, we can, for the most part; all agree that Pablo Schreiber’s casting in STARZ American Gods as Mad Sweeney was a match made in heaven. Sweeney is a leprechaun who aids Mr. Wednesday, much to his chagrin; and is loosely based on the lore of Buile Shuibhne – an Irish
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Season Recap: American Gods

There’s rarely a television concept that we haven’t seen before. How many shows out there are based around crime scene detectives or sitcoms about the all American family? Stemmed from a book, American Gods certainly offers a unique storyline. Bringing together new and old gods from mythology into modern day society makes for one strange, interesting world that at times works and at times, doesn’t work. American Gods has only had one season so far and that season consisted of eight episodes. The series opens up with Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) being released from prison a few days before his
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