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Spectacle #9 Review (Spoiler Alert)

So what happens when a Circus Psychic/Fortune Teller (Anna), who actually doesn’t believe in the supernatural, suddenly finds her twin sister (Kat, the Circus Knife Thrower) stabbed to death and then finds that her sister’s ghost now inhabits her body? That is the opening premise for Megan Rose Gedris’ Spectacle comic series. Throw in a diverse group of Circus performers, Side-show “freaks” and a dose of mystery and you have the start of something unique. Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t read issue 9 and want to, go no further! Otherwise, as you were citizen. As issue 9 begins, things
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Supernatural Season 14 to Feature an 80s Slasher Film Episode

Supernatural is a show that has never been afraid to pay homage to media that has inspired it throughout the seasons. From an episode focusing around old black and white horror movies such as Dracula, a Scooby Doo centered episode, or meta-episodes where the actors play both themselves and their characters. Season fourteen is almost here and apparently, the fourth episode will pay its respects to classic slasher movies. “Sam and Dean and our whole crew get involved in our homage to ’80s slasher movies. We’ve got some really cool gory stuff planned for that.” – showrunner Andrew Dabb teased.
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Jensen Ackles Sets Instagram Ablaze With Red Hood Post

By now, you’ve probably heard of this little show called Supernatural on the CW. It’s only CW’s longest running series to date, with essentially no plans on stopping. Although main actor Jensen Ackles is best known for playing Dean Winchester, the hard-drinking, angtsy, but with a good heart, older brother of Sam Winchester; he’s also best known for lending his voice as Jason Todd aka Red Hood in 2010’s animated movie, Batman: Under the Red Hood. Since then, fans have wanted to see a live-action rendition of the character and believe Ackles would be perfect for it. To add fuel
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