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A Very General Review: ‘Altered Carbon’ (PS, I Loved It)

While the Sci-Fi genre isn’t something I normally gravitate to when picking a movie or a show, there’s no arguing against the fact that Sci-Fi is making a comeback. Between Star Trek: Discovery, Cloverfield Paradox, and more, this category is popular and gaining momentum rapidly. Do you ever feel like you’ve watched everything on Netflix and are in desperate need for something else? That’s how I felt when Altered Carbon was released on February 2, 2018. Based on a novel that I’ve never even heard of previously, I wondered if this was something for me. The internet heavily promoted this series and every time I
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‘Altered Carbon’ Renewed For a Second Season; Casts Antony Mackie as Lead

New season. New sleeve. Altered Carbon’s official twitter sent out today, announcing the renewal for a second season. The sci-fi show based on the book by Richard Morgan will return to Netflix with eight episodes, instead of the ten it had in season one. Premiering on February 2, 2018, this wildly imaginative show gauged mixed reactions, though; if you ask me, is definitely one of my favorites on the online streaming service. Primarily played by Joel Kinnaman, the show centers around Takeshi Kovacs as he awakes 250 years after originally being sentenced to a lifetime of being essentially decommissioned. We
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