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Kevin Feige Knows There Are Risks With Making ‘Shang-Chi’

Ever since Captain Marvel was released, Marvel head Kevin Feige has promoted the idea that Marvel will in its next Phase advance the idea of more diversity in its films. Recent examples, beyond their successful Black Panther, and the aforementioned Captain Marvel movie will be their upcoming film the Eternal’s and Shang–Chi. The Eternals, which is being reported to include a gay lead character or their first Asian lead in Shang–Chi, will highlight Marvel’s new goal of inclusion. In a recent interview with News18, Feige admitted that such decisions are not without risks, but Marvel wouldn’t have it any other
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From the GVN Files: Who are the Eternals?

During our search through the GVN files, we have talked about characters that have either been rumored or placed on a wish list by fans who hope to see these characters in either the DCEU or the MCU. But let’s talk about a group that is pretty much set to join the MCU as part of its next phase of Marvel’s Master plan. Let’s discuss a bit of history with the Eternals. The Eternals were created by Jack Kirby and they first appeared in Eternals Issue#1 which was released in July of 1976. The origins of the Eternals starts with
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