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Video of Ezra Miller Reveals Details on a Solo Flash Film: A Different DC Universe

An interview of Ezra Miller has been unearthed from 2018, talking about the solo Flash movie. In this interview, he explains that there could be a pivotal change within the DCEU. Check it out below. [NEW] Ezra Miller talking about ‘The Flash’ film, why production has taken so long, and how the film will be like a “gift to dc/flash fans”. — Flashsolo Updates (@FlashsoloNews) February 23, 2019 “We’re talking about sparking a whole new universe. It’s not just the DC multiverse. It’s also the speedster multiverse.” Now, there hasn’t been much news in regards to this Flash solo
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DC Comics – The Flash #64 Review

AjfairnotBeen a nerd my whole life. Started with anime and cartoon not soon after Films, Comic Books and Video Games became what I enjoyed as well. Star Wars is the great franchise, but I do love Star Trek, Lord of the Ring, and Harry Potter. I want the nerd community to be kind to each other. Stop sending threats to each other and celebrities. I would love to engage in intense debate about the things we all love, not yell at each other and call people idiots just because they don’t agree with your opinions. I also love sports, boxing
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