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Freddy Krueger Appearance On ‘The Goldbergs’ Set

mllkatI am a 50 something child of the 70’s who admits to being a Star Trek/Star Wars/Comic Book junkie who once dove head first over a cliff (Ok, it was a small hill) to try to rescue his Fantastic Four comic from a watery grave. I am married to a lovely woman who is as crazy as I am and the proud parent of a 15 year old boy with autism. My wife and son are my real heroes.
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Robert Englund to Reprise His Role as Freddy Krueger For ‘The Goldbergs’

For some reason, the Nightmare on Elm Street movie franchise was my favorite thing to watch. Owning all of the DVDs, I religiously watched these films, which perhaps is saying a lot about me. In the 1980s slasher horror era, Freddy Krueger was a stand-out legend. The difference between him and such characters like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers was that Krueger had personality. He talked. Was playful. And terrifying. The monster would haunt you in your dreams and if you died in your dream, you died in real life. Krueger was a former child killer, who was exonerated of
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Joker Film Adds ‘The Goldbergs’ Actor Bryan Callen

Todd Phillips’ film Joker is shaping up to have a really great cast. Today we learned via his own personal podcast that actor/comedian, Bryan Callen, has landed a role in the film. “I’m doing the Joker. I was offered a part. That’ll be fun, but I think it’s only a couple days. Play an aging dancer, stripper. I don’t want to go into the details. I can’t go into the details, but just know it’s gonna be good. And I hope my psoriasis is flaring cause that’ll be very funny. I’ll be in a Speed-O, I can’t wait. I have some ideas
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