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The Punisher Season Two: Should Frank Have [SPOILERS]?

First and foremost, if you have NOT watched The Punisher’s second season in its entirety, turn around! This article completely spoils the ending, so if you do not want to find out before you’ve watch, you shouldn’t read this. Rather, wait until you’ve finished all thirteen action-packed episodes before deciding to read this. This is your last chance to turn back around, okay? When Billy Russo was presented in The Punisher season one, he was Frank’s best friend. We all knew that wouldn’t last and as we saw throughout the season, Billy’s true nature was revealed. Though I believe that
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The Punisher Season 2 Delivers Best Out of Marvel Netflix

Before I get started, just know that I rank this season on the same playing field as Daredevil Season Three. And there will be some spoilers, so let’s get started. Having just finished my binge of season two, I can truly say that this is what we needed. What we deserved. While I considered season one of The Punisher my second favorite next to Daredevil Season Three, I can definitively say that season two of Frank Castle’s journey was better than season one. I said it. Where season one spent their time fleshing out a storyline, which season two did
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A Look Back: Karen Page’s Best Moments

With The Punisher season two only days away, actress Deborah Ann Woll recently posted this: Most likely the final appearance of me playing Karen Page will be in The Punisher Season 2. I miss her very much. Be sure to watch!! @jonnybernthal is amazing in it! So is everybody! Hope it gets to continue for a third season. 🤞 #Punisher #ThePunisher — Deborah Ann Woll (@DeborahAnnWoll) January 11, 2019 Deborah Ann Woll has been portraying Karen Page since Daredevil season one in 2015 and since then has been in all three seasons of the show, as well as The
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