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Topher Grace Creates The Ultimate ‘STAR WARS’ Trailer

So what’s an actor to do with his time when he has a weekend free and a known love of Star Wars? Why make the ultimate Star Wars trailer of course. Topher Grace, who played Sony’s more antiseptic version of Venom in Spider-Man 3 and was recently seen in the Oscar nominated BlacKKKlansman, made a tribute to all the Star Wars films including Solo: A Star Wars Story along with friend and editor Jeff Yorkes. As shown below, the Super trailer encompasses all 10 feature films and according to Topher on Twitter, it was a simply a matter of :
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A Great Upcoming Year for Gaming: The Game Awards Trailers Breakdown

After the year we’ve had in the gaming industry I bet you’re up for a little rest next year right? No? Well, me neither and with the absolute truck-load of upcoming games, we’re going to be getting next year it’s a good job us nerds are always coming back for more. The Game Awards no only celebrated this year’s greatest hits but served as a nice menu for us greedy lot that are never too full to walk away from the table. With that being said we saw some games that look to be absolutely fantastic and some games that…really
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