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Early Impressions of NOS4A2 After C2E2 Screening

This past weekend I was able to attend the screening of the NOS4A2 pilot episode at C2E2, thanks to AMC’s generosity.  Now before I begin, I want to note that I have never read the book (Joe Hill), nor have I ever seen the original silent film.  I’m coming at this series as AMC is intending, as an experienced viewer.  While I’m sure that the series will pay homage to the book that they based their take off of, I’m also certain that it will not be their main objective.  I’m willing to wager that their main objective is to
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Werewolf: Hulk By Night

“Growin’ up, I remember reading the book Alice in Wonderland. After Alice went down the rabbit hole, a flower talked to her. She was surprised. You don’t need to be a psychiatrist to know if a flower ever spoke to a man, that man would know terror. When the world isn’t the same as our minds believe, then we are in a nightmare. And nothing is worse than a nightmare… except one you can’t wake up from.” -‘Alamo Joe’ Rogan Eric Cord is a college graduate, loves old cars, has a beautiful girlfriend, and a best friend, Teddy, who is
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