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Avengers 4 Reshoots Suggest More Time in Wakanda

Avengers 4 literally couldn’t take any longer to get here. I was ready for the fourth Avengers movie as soon as the credits started rolling for Avengers: Infinity War. With the fourth installment premiering in May 2019 all we can do now is speculate. For instance, there seems to have been some reshoots for the upcoming movie that would suggest that Wakanda is going to play a bigger role for our heroes. If you remember in the last Avengers (how could you forget) the epic showdown took place in Wakanda, which is the birthplace of Black Panther. This is where
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Opinions of a Traditionalist: Captain America’s Shield

mllkatI am a 50 something child of the 70’s who admits to being a Star Trek/Star Wars/Comic Book junkie who once dove head first over a cliff (Ok, it was a small hill) to try to rescue his Fantastic Four comic from a watery grave. I am married to a lovely woman who is as crazy as I am and the proud parent of a 15 year old boy with autism. My wife and son are my real heroes.
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