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Does Latest ‘War Machine’ Action Figure Show Rhodey’s ‘End Game’ Look?

When you’re getting ready to release a blockbuster action film, if there is merchandising involved, you normally try to get a jump start on production so it will coincide with the film’s release. The issue you tend to run into is that preview samples of that merchandise can give away some of the details you were hoping to keep under wraps. This appears to be the case with the preview of the Avengers End Game War Machine action figure. While the general design of the armor appears to be similar to the suit that Rhodey wore in Avengers Infinity War
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Marvel Shows New ‘Avengers: EndGame’ Footage During Super Bowl

It’s here! The big Game you all been waiting for! #AvengersEndGame — Geek Vibes Nation (@GeekVibesNation) February 3, 2019 While the Super Bowl itself started slow, Marvel’s Trailer game started with a bang as within the first few minutes, they presented a new trailer for Avengers: End Game (see above). In it, we hear Steve Rogers explain how while other people have luxury of “moving on,” they do not. We also get to see glimpses of Tony and Nebula, Black Widow, Thor, Ronin, Rocket, Ant Man, War Machine, Bruce and of course, Cap and his Shield, together again. The trailer
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