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Wheel of Time For a First-Time Reader: Video Reviews of The First 3 Adventures

I wrote previously about my reasons for finally deciding to dive into Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. Since the editor here is so nice, he has decided it was fine by him to continue chronicling my adventures as a novice through “Randland.” For those who missed it, I recorded these first three “video diaries” immediately after finishing each to help me keep track of what happened in which book and I recently decided to turn them into individual reviews. Below you will find the video review for The Eye of The World, The Great Hunt, and The Dragon Reborn. I’m
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Why I Decided to Read Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time

I already touched on my interest in the Wheel of Time series in my post asking if the soon to come Amazon series could be the successor to Game of Thrones. But since then I have read three and a half books in the 14 book long Wheel of Time and I came to a conclusion; I need to document this journey because it’s going to be a wild one. So, I started making “video diaries” to get my thoughts out there and I had planned to release them all after I finished the series. Turns out this video would
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Can Amazon’s Wheel of Time be the Successor to Game of Thrones?

I realize that fans of Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy tale of The Wheel of Time read that headline and probably got really annoyed. This is completely understandable as before George R.R. Martin’s now famous series was adapted by HBO, no one except hardcore fantasy book nerds (I’m raising my hand, by the way) had even heard of the series. Whereas Wheel of Time is constantly listed right next to, and sometimes above, the gold standard of epic fantasy in Lord of the Rings. Therefore, a title like that is talking exclusively about the upcoming Amazon original series adapting the Robert
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