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Disney To Upgrade MCU With Disney Fox Merger

Marvel Cinematic Universe!   The Success of the Past! Thank you to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) team, we as fans have gained twenty-two full Marvel films! (three phases) starting with… Phase 1 (2008) Jon Favreau’s Iron Man / (2008) The Incredible Hulk / (2010) Iron Man 2 / (2011) Thor / (2011) Captain America: The First Avengers / and (2012) The Avengers Phase 2 (2013)Iron Man 3 / (2013) Thor: Dark World / (2014) Captain America: Winter Soldier / (2014) Guardians of The Galaxy / (2015) Avengers: Age of Ultron / and (2015) Ant-Man Phase 3  (2016) Captain America: Civil War
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New Mutant Director Josh Boone Working on Post-Production

AjfairnotBeen a nerd my whole life. Started with anime and cartoon not soon after Films, Comic Books and Video Games became what I enjoyed as well. Star Wars is the great franchise, but I do love Star Trek, Lord of the Ring, and Harry Potter. I want the nerd community to be kind to each other. Stop sending threats to each other and celebrities. I would love to engage in intense debate about the things we all love, not yell at each other and call people idiots just because they don’t agree with your opinions. I also love sports, boxing
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‘New Mutants’ Facing Another Delay And Possible Straight To Hulu Release

Fans who have been waiting with baited breath for the release of Fox’s New Mutants appears to be facing more disappointment as it is being suggested that another delay is a possibility. Originally scheduled to be released last April, it was delayed for additional reshoots to make it scarier and to introduce new characters into the mix. That meant that an August 2019 release was planned but now that also appears in jeopardy according to a tweet by Scott Bechtel, host of Merc with a Podcast. His sources report a possible November release or perhaps, a straight to Hulu release in October. The
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