Taylor Schilling’s Thoughts about Potentially Leaving ‘Orange is the New Black’


The hit Netflix series, Orange is the New Black; may contain dozens of characters who are explored and developed to the point where we more often care about them more than the main character, but the premise of the show is centered around Piper Chapman. Based around the autobiography by the real Chapman, the show has taken a lot of creative liberties since its first season, but still remains as one of the most watched and anticipated shows on the streaming service.


While Piper was released from prison in season six’s finale, the executive producer has confirmed that season seven will follow Chapman during her transition back into civilian life. Considering the affluent upbringing character had, I surmise that her opportunities will be better than Taystee’s when she was released a few years back. Still, post-prison life is hard on anyone and we’ll see how Piper handles being out, considering how different of a person she is than when she went in.

In an interview with Taylor Schilling, the actress is asked about the possibility of her end on the show. Season seven is the last confirmed season and even though there could potentially be more seasons, Schilling expressed her acceptance of the possibility of leaving the show:

“I’m prepared. The thing about acting, to me, is that everything is so fleeting. It all feels like being circus performers and setting up a tent and then tearing it down after a few shows. So it just feels like our run has been extra long. We’ve had a lucky run, but there’s always this part that’s sort of ready for the end. You go in and you begin it ready for the end. It’s a very bittersweet and also beautiful way to exist in the world. So the answer is, yeah. I think I’m ready. I have all the feelings. I’m very excited for what comes next.”

It will be hard to imagine Schilling as anything else other than Chapman, but considering the raw emotions and ups and downs we’ve seen of Piper, we know Schilling is a great actor and would excel in any role she is given. Taystee and Blanca have hard roads ahead of them, which will be explored in the seventh season. For now, you can catch season six and all the previous season on Netflix!

Saying goodbye to Orange is the New Black would be hard, but if we know the showrunners, it’ll be emotional to the bone.

To check out the full interview with Taylor Schilling, check out The Hollywood Reporter.