Tessa Thompson: Valkyrie Would Have Beaten Erik Killmonger


Lets go back in time, when the world was new and the repercussions of the now infamous “Thanos Snap” were just being absorbed. It was during that time that Michael B. Jordan said in an interview that he thought his Erik Killmonger would have defeated Thanos. As admirable as his faith in his character was, many fans filed it under “well…good luck with that.”

Fast forward to the present and the very busy Mr. Jordan is promoting his latest film Creed where he plays the titular character along with Tessa Thompson as the love of his life (reprising the role she played in Creed).

During one of the promotional stops with IGN, Jordan and Thompson were tasked with interviewing each other. One of Jordan’s questions to Thompson was who would win in a fight between Jordan’s Killmonger and the character Thompson played in Thor Ragnarok, the Valkyrie. With no hesitation, Thompson said her Valkyrie would have easily defeated Erik Killmonger in a fight. In true Killmonger fashion, Jordan asked his co-star if she “even wanna think about it,” but Thompson was extremely confident in her answer.

In truth, it is no wonder that Thompson would pick her character. The Valkyries were chosen by Odin as his elite fighting force. They were comfortable fighting gods and monsters so an earth bound Mercenary was not likely to be considered a threat. Even one with Erik Killmonger’s advanced skill set. However, he wouldn’t be Killmonger if he didn’t at least think he could win.

Since this battle isn’t likely to happen in the near future as Jordan’s Killmonger died at the end of end of Black Panther (I assume this isn’t a spoiler by now) and Thompson’s character’s whereabouts are at this moment are unknown since the Thanos finger dexterity test, we’ll have to make our own assumptions. In the meantime, you can watch Jordan and Thompson’s latest work together in Creed 2, now in theaters.

How about it “What if” fight fans? Do you agree with Thompson that her Valkyrie would have “killed Erik Killmonger in a fight” or do you think that perhaps some Wakandan weapon might have turned the tide for Killmonger? Share your fight prognostications with us at GVNation.