The CW’s The Lost Boys Reboot Will Begin Production Soon


The CW is rebooting the 1987 film The Lost Boys and we’re getting some news in regards to this new show.

The pilot episode of The Lost Boys will be beginning production on March 13th and it is rumored to begin in Vancouver. And the director of the pilot episode will be the Twilight director Catherine Hardwicks. Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf), Kiele Sanchez (Kingdom), Medalion Rahimi (Still Star-Crossed), and Dakota Shapiro (Valley of the Boom) have been cast and Heather Mitchell will write the pilot. Rob Thomas, known for Veronica Mars and iZombie, will be producing alongside Mitchell, as well as Dan Etheridge, Mike Karz, and Bill Bindley.

We have also learned, as we’ve reported before; that the two Frog Brothers will be the two Frog Sisters and they will still be running a comic book store.

Are you excited for the new reboot? Let us know!

Source: CB