The Division 2 Receives A New Specialization In Its Latest Title Update

The Division 2 has received its latest major update today, which brings along a whole host of changes as well as a new specialization to try out. The Gunner.

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The Gunner joins the battle for D.C in The Division 2’s latest title update 4, which after some unexpected maintenance delays is now live. If you’re a season pass holder you can get playing as The Gunner straight away, whilst everyone else will have to complete “five stages of in-game challenges!”. Season Pass holders can also complete these challenges to unlock some “unique cosmetic rewards!”.

For those of you new to Division 2, Specializations are endgame classes which give players a unique weapon as well as a skill tree to upgrade. The Gunners signature weapon is a heavy minigun, accompanied by some Riot Foam grenades and the Banshee signature skill which can confuse enemies.

The title update 4 also brought along with it some new changes including a total rework for specializations and some changes to Division 2’s project system which includes more rewards for projects across the board. There have also been some NPC updates as well as general U.I improvements. You can check out the full patch notes here.

As for The Division 2’s future, the game recently just finished its free weekend, giving new players a chance to jump in and try the game out. Plus the games year one roadmap was recently revealed at E3 and its first major DLC, DC Outskirts: Expeditions is set to arrive later this summer.

Have you been exploring the post-apocalyptic ruins of D.C lately? Or did you give the game a try in its free weekend? let us know your thoughts on The Division 2 down below or over on Twitter.