The Most Memorable iZombie Moments

As we approach the fifth and final season of iZombie, let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the most memorable moments from the CW show. When we first met Liv, she was alone in the world, after having become a zombie, and now there is a whole community of zombies, with Liv having close friends who have become family. Below is a personal list of what I feel are some of the best and shocking moments in the show, but let me know what you think should have belonged on this list!

Major Shoots up Meat Cute

Before Major became the “Chaos Killer”, he was Liv’s dreamy ex-boyfriend who didn’t understand why his fiance would break things off. A social worker, he becomes increasingly concerned with the number of teenagers from his group ending up missing, eventually being killed. In season one, no one knew about zombies except for a select few and Liv tried desperately to keep her secret from the man she loved. After losing his job and being called crazy by believing in zombies, Major goes to the next level when he literally straps himself with firearms and goes guns a-blazing against Blaine’s operation. Needless to say, none of us saw this happening, but it was an epic season finale showdown as Major shot up Blaine’s undercover brain selling operations, and essentially wiped out the zombie’s business.

Liv Finds Out Gilda is Rita

In season two, we have Leanne Lapp cleverly playing a dual role of Gilda and Rita. As the real daughter of Vaughn Du Clark, the head of Max Rager and the one instructing Major to kill zombies; Rita pretends to be Gilda and becomes Liv’s new roommate, to gain information. She also begins sleeping with Major, most likely to boost her own ego that she was sleeping with the man who her zombie roommate still loved. The whole season, we, the viewers; desperately wanted Liv to find out the truth. It wasn’t until Major was leaving Liv’s apartment, realizing the diabolical woman he had been involved with was posing as someone else to keep tabs on Liv; that he tosses out the name “Rita” – thus making Liv discover Gilda was the woman her ex had been sexting. That epic punch was a victorious moment for everyone and eventually, Rita/Gilda met her end in an awesome second season finale.

Blaine Turns Back into a Zombie

After season one’s finale, Blaine was human. In order to save Major, Liv injected him with a cure and then injected Blaine, to prevent him from creating more zombies. Eventually, in season two; we find out the cure is temporary and eventually, the cured individuals will turn back into the undead. Blaine couldn’t stop himself from getting involved in the drug selling business, essentially stepping on the toes of Seattle’s largest crime boss, Mr. Boss. After discovering Blaine, an old runner of his; was stealing from his business, Mr. Boss had Blaine taken and brought him to a secluded woodsy area, where he proceeded to slit Blaine’s throat. This would have been the end for everyone’s favorite bad guy, but thankfully Blaine was saved by becoming a zombie again, thus keeping Blaine in the show.

Clive Finds Out About Zombies

By the time the second season finale rolled around, Ravi, Major, and Peyton all knew that Liv was a zombie. The only person who didn’t know was Clive; Liv’s partner. The detective, who up until this point only thought Liv was psychic; had no idea of what really was going on with the Chaos Killer and Max Rager. In a desperate move to get Major, now a zombie; out of jail, Liv confronted Clive and we all sat on the edge of our seats, wondering if this was finally the moment Liv would reveal her secret. When Clive wouldn’t believe her that Major was a zombie (and that zombies existed), our heroine proceeded to stab herself, much to the horror of the cop; to show it couldn’t kill her and thus revealing her red eyes. This was a shocking moment, but we were all thankful the truth was out there.

Killing Rob Thomas

One of the running jokes in iZombie is that the show’s creator is named Rob Thomas, but not the same Rob Thomas who is the lead singer of Matchbox Twenty. In a move to be meta, the show brought on the singer to cameo in the second season’s finale, where he sang one of his famous songs. Unfortunately, Thomas was collateral damage after there was a massive zombie outbreak at a Max Rager party, which was to celebrate the selling of the company to Fillmore Graves, who’d we eventually discover was a zombie paramilitary corporation.

Liv Sleeps With Chase Graves

Liv hasn’t had the best luck with men, considering most of her boyfriends end up…dead. But, things were going pretty well in season three with Justin, which made it all the more shocking when Liv, on a brain of a promiscuous woman; decided to sleep with Chase Graves. Not only was Chase Justin’s boss, but was the stern and strict head of Fillmore Graves, who we weren’t entirely sure at that moment if he was responsible for all the debauchery happening in season three. Of course, Jason Dohring is swoon-worthy and unfortunately, Liv didn’t have much chemistry with Justin; but I don’t think any of us thought of Liv as the cheating type, and this was certainly a turning point in her “relationship” with Chase.

Chase Kills Renegade

Season four was insane. After the existence of zombies become public knowledge, the city of Seattle is walled off. Mama Leone, also known as Renegade; is the leader of a coyote ring that brings people from the outside in and vice versa. Wanting to reunite families who were separated due to the wall going up (very Berlin way-esque), Mama Leone also brings in those with incurable diseases and scratches them, thus making them zombies and saving their lives. Chase is under immense pressure from the United States government, who is seconds away from bombing Seattle to get rid of the zombie outbreak. Chase is able to keep the government at bay by assuring that his kind has no intention of turning everyone into zombies and will punish those who do. When they finally arrest Mama Leone, Chase has to deal with the fact that it’s either publically execute her, or see the death of hundreds of zombies. We’re given a very horrifying, stark scene, where Liv, and others are forced to watch as Chase reluctantly gives the command to kill Mama Leone, thus making Liv realize her duty is to pick up where Renegade left off. This definitely makes for the rawest scene in iZombie history, and proved it was more than just a “fun” zombie show.