‘THE NUN’ Gets A Terrifying New TV Spot

The Nun is a spin-off film from The Conjuring that promises to be more terrifying than anything that we have ever seen before. While in this era it’s not uncommon to see spin-off movies from popular films, it is new that a horror movie would earn the same treatment. From The Conjuring, we got Annabelle, a story about a demonic doll that will also be seeing another addition to its own franchise next year.

The Nun’s plot involves a priest and a novice sent to Romania to investigate the suicide of a nun at the Carta Monastery. This nun is the same one that terrified the screen in the Conjuring 2. What makes the Nun different from what we’ve seen before in the Conjuring world, is that it’ll be more “mission-based” according to screenwriter Gary Dauberman.

“When [The Conjuring director] James [Wan] and I sat down, and we talked story, we wanted [it] to be a little bit more of a mission-based movie,” screenwriter Gary Dauberman revealed to Entertainment Weekly. “We wanted to give a little bit of an action-adventure flavor to it, rather than just someone moving into a house and something creepy happens.”

The Nun will premiere on September 7th and star Taissa Farmiga, Demian Bichir, Bonnie Aarons, Charlotte Hope, Ingrid Bisu, and Jonas Bloquet.
Below you can get a glimpse at what is expected with the new TV spot.