The One Regret Benedict Cumberbatch Had After ‘Avengers Infinity War’


You would think that when you’re involved in one of the biggest grossing films of all time, your regrets would be minimal at best. Other than your character channeling his inner Scarlett O’Hara and being Gone with the Wind. Despite all that, when recently asked if he had any regrets since he finished part One of Avengers: Infinity War, Benedict Cumberpatch did indeed express a regret to UPPROX.

This is my biggest regret of that whole time is that I didn’t sneak in to see people’s reaction. And I wish I had. I really do. I really wish I’d done that. And I think it was such a long press tour, by the time my family got me home I was well and truly on holiday and with them. Or was I working? Geez, I can’t even remember anymore. I think I had a tiny break and then I was riding into doing a TV drama about Brexit. But yeah, it’s my biggest regret of that whole experience.

Not too worry, Benedict. On May 03, 2019, you will once again get that opportunity to see the results of your labor. Hopefully audience reactions will be of a more happy and satisfied nature instead of the shock and disbelief that followed the first one’s ending. Are YOU ready for the Avengers 4 to hopefully right the wrongs and put the world back in order? Share your beliefs with us GVNation.