The Punisher Releases Billy Russo’s Therapy Session Notes and Video

As we’re getting closer to The Punisher’s season two premiere, the promotion surrounding the upcoming season seems to be finally getting in motion. Along with a teaser trailer, social media posts, and interviews, the official Twitter page just posted a Google Doc (view only) of Floriana Lima’s character Krista Dumont’s therapy notes from her first two sessions with Ben Barnes’s Billy Russo.

If you click on the link, you’ll see a well-laid out document describing Russo’s first two sessions. You can read through the full seven pages, but from what we see, Russo has some major memory loss ranging from the previous one to three years. He’s hoping for a full physical recovery and seems to accept the therapy that is being offered to him.

There was also a video accompanying the now deleted tweet, giving us a look into the therapy sessions:

But, what is clear is that Billy is not sleeping well and has reoccurring nightmares, especially of blood. Which, wouldn’t be too farfetched considering the incident to cause him to be in his current state had a lot of blood.


It’s clear we’re going to see a lot of the psychological damage that was caused by Billy and Frank’s final fight in the second season of The Punisher, which premieres on Netflix on January 18th.