The Punisher Season 2 Trailer and Images Released

With only eight days to go until the premiere of the second season of The Punisher, we’re finally given a full-length trailer to excite us for what’s in store. Let me first start by saying, I was a little skeptical about the relationship that Frank Castle would have with Amy, but after watching the trailer below, I’m sold. I love Frank disgruntled, but taking care of Amy the way he would have his own daughter and the observation that Frank almost seemed happy to get back into the fight. Let’s not forget that Frank is a soldier and even at the end of season one, Frank was unsure of how to live life without a fight to be fought. Now that Amy is in his life with John Pilgrim on her tail, he has one.

And god, how can I even say that I’m probably even more excited for Billy Russo’s return? In season one, Billy had appearances to upkeep. A business and life to sustain. Now, he’s unhinged, looking for revenge, and there is no façade to uphold. It should have been understood from the get that Pilgrim and Russo would team together, but I really don’t think Pilgrim stands any chance once Russo has his own agenda to play out. And for a reunion between Dinah Madani and Russo? I’m counting on it not ending well.

As opposed to the “corporate” feel we had in season one where we’re dealing with Homeland and bureaucracy, this season seems much more “backyard bar” and we’re seeing a group of civilians at war with each other. If at all possible, this seems more explosive and violent than before and I’m really looking forward to seeing Jon Bernthal back as Frank. What’s Frank been up to? How is his psyche since season one? I think we’re looking at a much more relaxed and laid back Frank when the season begins, but this doesn’t last long, as we see from the trailer. But, Frank likes the fight and not only does he have unfinished business with Russo, but there’s a familiar soul in Amy, who has also lost her entire family. Whereas in season one Frank was helping to protect David Lieberman from experiencing what he [Frank] had with the death of his family, he’s helping Amy against the man who took everything away from her.

I want to know your opinions on the trailer and if you’re just as excited as I am! The Punisher season two hits Netflix January 18th!