The Punisher’s Second Season Hits Netflix in January 2019

As disheartening as the recent cancellations of Netflix’s Marvel shows are, nothing will stop me from being excited about The Punisher season two. And now, I’m even more excited, because according to Netflix’s 2019 schedule, Frank Castle’s second season will be hitting the streaming site in January. While there has been no official release date, The Punisher has previously kept their promotions very secretive – currently only posting a teaser photo here and there with the caption “Tick. Tock.”

As opposed to walking into Daredevil season three, we can all be pretty sure that Netflix will decide to “cancel” The Punisher after its second season. But, that should not dissuade us from binge-watching, as we know Jon Bernthal and the crew worked their asses off to give us a great season. And technically, Frank Castle pretty much took over Daredevil season two, so it’s like we had three seasons of The Punisher?

It’s a shame what’s happening with the streaming site and Disney and frankly, I wouldn’t want the seasons cut down from 13 episode to 6 or 8. That’s the latest rumor as to why everything is falling apart, but regardless, The Punisher will be thirteen episodes. Are you excited? Let us know!

Source: CB