The Punisher’s Sophomore Season Falls Flat

Marvel's The Punisher

“One Batch, Two Batch”……….. Flatline

With all the pressure on it knowing it possibly wont be back for a third season, this season just does not live up to season one at all. Jon Bernthal’s return as the Punisher is everything you’d want but unfortunately it is not enough to carry a season two that had not one but two very bland and underachieving villains.

The season starts off with what seems to be a inconsistent plot riddled with action but lacks a fluid story. We see Frank back in action after leaving NYC to become a ghost. Frank is not alone, he is accompanied by a lot of new faces and a few old ones. Agent Madani is back with a vengeance wanting to see Billy Russo suffer for how he affected her life back in season one. Speaking of Billy Russo, he has now become a shell of himself after suffering face altering injury that has left him with little to no memory of what happened between he and Frank.  His nightmares spin him into trying to rebuild what he lost.

We also get new villain, John Pilgrim, played by Josh Stewart.  Pilgrim is looking for new character Amy Bendix, played by Giorgia Whigham, and will stop at nothing to get her.  Due to Franks interference with Johns plan, John now wants them both and with an army at his disposal it spells an all out war.

We see a few other returns from season one including Karen and Curtis as both once again put their lives on the line to help Frank make it out the otherside alive.

All in all this season is indeed action packed but falls short of delivering a consistent storyline, it feels rushed and unfinished, but if you’re a fan of Jon Bernthal you will not be disappointed as he shows once again he was born to play Frank Castle.

All in all this season just falls flat. It was boring at times and I often wondered if the crew figured this might be their last season and just didn’t even try. It could have been so much more. Very disappointed!

Pros: John Bernthal as Frank Castle

Cons: Two very lackluster villains

Not enough Deborah Ann Woll

Ben Barnes wasted and I’m sorry but that’s not Jigsaw. I can’t even recall him being called Jigsaw in the show.

No clear/coherent story


Please don’t let my opinion of the show turn you off from watching though. You need to see it for yourself and make your own decisions. But once you do please come back and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Rating 4.5/10