The Rock posts “Jungle Cruise” pic with new co-star…and Jack Whitehall

The busiest man in Hollywood is doing what he always does, work. In this case he is filming his latest entry in what Disney hopes will be their next successful ride-based series that will follow in the footsteps of Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney’s Jungle Cruise will tell the story of a jungle boat captain named Frank (played by The Rock) who takes a brother and sister (Whitehall and Emily Blunt) on a mission through the jungle in search of a tree with reported magical healing powers. As one might expect in a jungle, they encounter many different animals and also encounter a rival German expedition on the same quest.

To reflect the various animals they will encounter, The Rock posted a picture on his Instagram account of him and co-star Jack Whitehall with a large Anaconda. Only the Rock would make a huge snake not seem so menacing. Here is his post:

Will Disney’s newest movie based on one of their iconic rides share the same success as Pirates of the Caribbean? It has one thing going for it, the biggest star on the planet these days, Dwayne Johnson. Give us your thoughts on the Rock’s latest venture at GVNation.