The Saddest Scenes in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Avengers: Infinity War has now been released on digital HD. Even though we have to wait until August 14th to purchase the film on Blu Ray and DVD, we can still through our money at Google Play and the Apple Store. The third installment in the Avengers franchise was filled with action, funny moments, fantastic visuals, and who can forget all the sad parts that we were subjected to? Below I’ve compiled some of the saddest scenes in the Avengers, but please feel free to let me know what saddened you the most in Infinity War. If you haven’t seen Infinity War yet, MAJOR SPOILERS!


Loki’s Death

For the fans who have attended every Marvel movie since the first Iron Man, we’re used to the familiar opening of the Marvel logo, along with scenes from the comics and movies shuffling inside the letters, and the epic music. We knew something was wrong with Infinity War when there wasn’t any music to lead us into the movie. It was quiet, eerily quiet. We could then hear the distress singles from Asgardian ships. Pleas for help that would be squashed out by Thanos’s subjects. It was not only horrific to see all of the people Thor had saved in Thor: Ragnarok killed, but we then had to face the death of a very beloved character. Although Loki has died before, seeing the life squeezed out of him by Thanos’s large hand was too much. The heartbreak of a character who has developed throughout the years and ultimately died trying to protect his brother. What a way to start the movie!

Gamora’s Death

There was a lot of death in this film. A lot. The proper question would be, who didn’t die in Avengers: Infinity War? We were really able to see the backstory in Gamora’s life, how she ended up with Thanos, and we were also able to see how Thanos still affected Gamora in the present. It was heartbreaking. As tyrannical as Thanos was and despite him having kidnapped her, we see how upset she is for a moment when she believed she had killed the titan. All those years of pain and anguish and for a moment all she could do was cry, because could it really have been over so quickly? Gamora was ready to die to project the location of the soul stone from her foster father, but he instead manipulated the information out of her by torturing Nebula. In the end, we were made to feel sorry for Thanos, for having lost Gamora in order to gain the soul stone. But, I don’t feel bad for him. I feel bad for Gamora; Gamora who had finally found a family and people she loved, only for it to be ripped away by an egotistical madman.

Thor Has Nothing More to Lose

I found this scene particularly heartbreaking. To give a little background, I never really cared much for Thor. It was nothing against Chris Hemsworth, but in the past, his character had always seemed less appealing than the far more interesting Loki. That was until Taika Waititi came in and ever since Thor: Ragnarok, I have loved where they’ve taken his character. If we go through everything, Thor has lost both of his parents, his brother, best friend, and all the people of his homeworld. So, when he sets off with Rocket and Groot, he smiles tearfully and states he has nothing left to lose. As we sit here and think about it, the sadder it becomes. Bonus: Rocket saying that he has a lot to lose, showing how the Guardian does care for his teammates; was equally as sad.

The Entire Ending

As I said, there are so many deaths. So, let’s not go through every single one and try to compare which is sadder because they are all sad!! From Wanda having to kill Vision, only for Thanos to reverse time and kill him again, to everyone having to watch their friends and loved ones disappearing was shocking and unexpected. I saw this movie on opening night and the theater was so quiet you could hear everyone’s disbelief at what they were witnessing. If I had to pick out some of the saddest deaths in this scene, I was in tears watching how horrified and distraught Okoye was watching T’Challa disintegrate. And do we really want to talk about Tony having to hold Peter as his spider-senses draw out his death and how Stark holds his hand in the end, the last few remnants of Spider-Man in his palm?


Now that I’ve thoroughly depressed you, what were the saddest moments of Avengers: Infinity War for you?