The Trench Revealed in New Footage for Aquaman

In a recent video released for the upcoming Aquaman movie, starring Jason Momoa; The Trench was revealed. Created originally by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis during the New 52 era, the Trench exists separately from the lost city of Atlantis, which has its own king and queen, though the people follow whoever wields the Dead King’s Scepter; one of seven weapons which were made by the Atlantean king Atlan, to defeat Iron, his brother.

While we aren’t sure what the Trench’s role in the new movie is, it will be a treat for fans of the new 52 era comics. The creatures that inhabit the Trench are fierce and deadly, definitely not who you want to go face to face with without any proper weaponry.

Aquaman stars Jason Momoa and is directed by James Wan. From what we see in the trailers, this is going to be a visually stunning film that is going to be both an origin story and take place after the events of Justice League.

Aquaman comes out December 21st of this year.

Source: CB