‘The Witcher’ Showrunner Takes A Break From Twitter While Working On The Netflix Series


Social media can be great source for information and at the same time, a platform for those who choose can express their opinions on just about anything with benefit of anonymity. Sometimes, those opinions can get heated and even hurtful. With that being said, it appears that another of Hollywood’s creative members is taking a break from using Twitter after being on the receiving end of some criticism for a possible casting description.

The Witcher showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich was the recipient of Twitter-verse scorn for a casting ad  for the upcoming NetFlix fantasy series. The fact that this casting decision has not even been made as of yet apparently didn’t shield her from the critics who thought she was possibly making a bad decision as far as casting the female lead.

The floodgates opened when a casting ad that was submitted last week for the upcoming drama,  specified a woman of color to play the show’s the young female lead role of Ciri. The character is white in the novels and in its various games adaptations. Apparently Hissrich didn’t let that fact limit her casting choices as the ad explained:

“We are looking for an extraordinary young talent to lead this series,” the casting notice reportedly said. “She should be brave hearted and MUST have something truly special about her.”

Previously, The Witcher had scored a big hire when it landed Henry Cavill as another key character, Geralt. This hiring was widely accepted with much enthusiasm. However, Ciri’s role description resulted in a negative reaction among some fans, with some noting that Hissrich had expressed previously to The Witcher’s fans that she would refrain from changing a character’s background or gender just because she was “feeling ‘liberal’ that day.”

This unexpected heat from the fans may have lead to her decision to take a Twitter break or it could be as she described it:

Taken at first blush, it seems like this might be a temporary parting and she will return when she is farther along in the project. Only time will tell. In the meantime, with Henry Cavill on board, are you excited about the possibility of The Witcher? Will it matter in the end who the female lead is as long as she is a great actress and can handle the role? Share your thoughts with us at GVNation.