Three Best Curtis Hoyle Moments in ‘The Punisher’

In life, we all need a friend as good as Curtis Hoyle. Let me not sugarcoat that or take a while to get to the climax. Curtis Hoyle was one of the best aspects of The Punisher and exactly a friend that Frank Castle needed, especially after the events his family’s deaths. Jason R. Moore plays the former corpsman, who lost his leg in battle while serving with Castle, something Castle blames himself for. A bitter person could have justified putting it all on Castle, but Curtis, being the selfless person he was; urged Frank to know that was not something on him and that he never even put fault on his old comrade.

With The Punisher finished filming their second season, I’m sure we’ll have some more Curtis content to appreciate, so let’s go over some of his best moments in season one.

Helping Others

When we first meet Curtis, we see him holding a meeting with other military veterans. This is a constant theme throughout the season; Curtis is always looking to help others. From his routine meetings, to trying to speak sense into Lewis, constantly giving advice to Frank, and even trying to talk down Billy. Even after all the events of the show, Curtis keeps his good-natured attitude and is providing Frank with an outlet to finally speak about what his friend is feeling in the aftermath of The Punisher’s season finale.

Knowing The Hard Things That Need to Get Done

Like any good Marine, Curtis knows when it’s time to make the hard calls. Lewis may have been someone he was trying to help from his group, but he knew that Lewis was a ticking timebomb waiting to go off. That was why he went to Billy to convince the Anvil owner not to hire the ex-Army soldier, despite knowing it would most likely cause backlash.

When we first met Frank Castle in Daredevil season two, everyone in Matt Murdock’s circle had a moral problem against The Punisher’s actions. It was refreshing to see someone like Curtis support Frank’s mission and even offer to have participated if it was presented to him. Curtis is a loyal friend and no one could ever dispute that.

There in The Line of Duty

Even though Curtis lost a leg in battle and almost got blown up by Lewis, he still never backs down from a mission. When Frank asked for his help in feeling out Micro, Curtis agreed. When Frank needed Curtis’s help with Billy at the end of season one, Curtis agreed. Despite him dealing with the possibility of dying during a scuffle with Russo. Can we all take a moment to realize how hard this must have been for Curtis? Yes, Frank is his friend, but so was Billy. Billy was assisting Curtis with rent for his groups, the two cried and drank together over Frank’s gave; Curtis and Billy had a trusted enough relationship that hearing what Billy did and see this new side of him must have been hard.

Jason R. Moore returns as Curtis Hoyle in the second season of The Punisher, hopefully premiering early 2019.