Todd McFarlane Describes New Look for Spawn

It was announced sometime ago that Greg Nicotero of Walking Dead fame was once again taking on Todd McFarlane’s Spawn with Jamie Foxx as the titular character. It was immediately after that the McFarlane started letting fans know that some visual changes were in store for his Satanic character.

Recently, spoke to Todd McFarlane about the new film and what Nicotero has been doing as far as Spawn’s new look.

I did see Nicotero this morning, McFarlane said. “He’s been bugging me, saying ‘Todd we have to get together, I’m bringing something, I want to show you something.’ So I said ‘Ok, ok” and met him this morning and went up the stairs and then…I saw it. I saw for the first time physically, my Spawn.

The natural follow-up to that question was whether or not Nicotero’s version of Spawn measured up to what McFarlane envisioned?

Oh god yes! I didn’t know he had gone that far into modeling. We got to the design stage fairly quickly and I know we wanted to keep the momentum going so they just went with it.

One of McFarlane’s main goals was to push limits on what fans have expected Spawn to look like without losing the fact he was a man. Nicotero and his design crew were all about pushing those boundaries and sometimes maybe too far. That’s when Todd would step in.

The stuff that looked too creature-like, I can’t go there, right? Because Spawn still needs to be super-hero-esque. I know I still have to stay within the framework of, ‘This is still a human.’ So what I was doing, was more, ‘That texture on this, and the spike on that, you need to put all that on this,’ and that’s kind of where we landed. I’m already going to be testing the bounds of the fans. I can’t go too far. It has to feel like it’s a man to at least 90 percent. But it can still be supernatural. It just won’t be Jamie Foxx with some makeup, or him with a rubber mask, it’s going to be more dramatic than that.

For you fans of Spawn, do you trust Todd McFarlane and Greg Nicotero to not disappoint? Are you waiting for an artists rendition before making any judgments either way? Share your Spawn design aesthetics with GVNation.