Todd McFarlane: The Origin of Venom Revolves Around His Hatred of Spider-Man’s Black Costume

For those fan’s familiar with Todd McFarlane, they know that he came into major prominence when he took over the Amazing Spider-Man on issue #298. With his styilized rendition of everyone’s favorite web-spinner, he became a fan favorite. What fans might not know, is that when McFarlane took over Spider-Man, he was wearing the iconic Black and White costume. McFarland HATED it! He wanted to draw Spider-Man in his traditional red and blue suit. It was during this early time that he created Eddie Brock, better known as a Venom.

Recently, McFarlane took to Instagram to talk about his creation of Venom and how it all started because he hated Spidey’s black suit.

It is always interesting to learn how and why things are created. Did you have any issue with Spidey’s black suit? Share your costume critiques with us at GVNation.


Source: CBR.Com