Tom Welling Open to Play Batman in Arrowverse


If there is one character that seems to draw the attention of actors, it is the role of Batman. For example, before Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. pegged Robert Pattinson as their Batman there were a number of actors in contention who wanted the role. Apparently as far as the Arrowverse goes, former Smallville star Tom Welling is making it known early on. If the role of Batman is available, he is open to filling the cape and cowl.

In a recent podcast with fellow Smallville Star Michael Rosenbaum, who played Smallville‘s Lex Luthor, they briefly discussed the possibility. Rosenbaum asked him if he would take it on.

 Yeah, I do like Batman and I think there is some room to grow there. And, yeah, it would be different.

In this case, different means different than his role as Clark Kent. Especially since he never really took the full mantle of Superman unfortunately. Could you see Tom Welling in the role as the Dark Knight in the Arrowverse? Share your thoughts with us at GVNation.

Source: ScreenRant