Toy Story 4 Review: The Avengers Endgame of Pixar

I think most people would agree that Toy Story 3 was a satisfying ending to the franchise. Apparently, the storytellers had one last tale to tell and I’m happy they did. Toy Story 4 is a heartwarming and touching end to the story for us who grew up with these toys and for kids who watched after the original releases.

Minor Spoilers

While we have the whole gang, this is really Woody’s story. His journey of finding a place in Bonnie’s world. We see Woody’s gang integrating with Bonnie’s toys and when Bonnie begins kindergarten, Woody helps her make a friend. Forky. Who seems to always be having an existential crisis since he’s made out of “trash”. But, Woody knows the importance of a toy to a child and makes it his mission to ensure Forky realizes this as well.
In the trailer we saw Forky make his way out of the moving trailer, as Bonnie and her family are on a little road trip before school goes into full swing. From there, the movie is mostly told in Woody’s perspective and the rest of the gang essentially is off screen for most of the film.
Woody and Forky get themselves involved in some hilarious hijinks. So funny that there were multiple times that I was laughing so hard that tears rolled down my cheeks. Toy Story 4 revisited a format from the first movie where a few aspects of the film were really creepy. There are even a few jump scares involved.

Woody runs into Bo Peep, who you find out has been a “lost toy” for seven years. She’s no longer the bashful and dainty woman she once was. She’s street smart and has been surviving on playgrounds and such, where kids always want to play with toys. Woody is smitten, obviously.

We never thought we could have a Toy Story without Andy. And he’s mentioned throughout. This is more so the toys’ story (get it?) and almost the community other toys have out there. They’re no longer in a house or elsewhere, but outside surviving and thriving.

This is also a story of understanding one another. Where someone may seem one way, say the ‘bad guy’, Woody looks to understand. And in the end, selflessly helps the toy who we all perceived as wanting to hurt Woody.
Rating: 4/5
If Toy Story 4 is the end, it is the Avengers: Endgame of the franchise. Full of last wide camera glances at all the toys we grew up with. Though, I wish it was more of their story as well. I don’t know how I feel about the ending. It was incredibly bittersweet. But they were building up to it all throughout the movie. In the end, I’m glad we got this fourth installment and I would recommend any kid or grown-up go see it.

To infinity. And beyond.