Updated Details On Matt Reeves ‘The Batman’


Last night the internet went into a frenzy over news that Robert Pattinson was and then wasn’t cast as the next Batman, depending on which site you were following. The reports now from The Hollywood Reporter are that Pattinson is the front runner on a short list that also includes Nicholas Hoult. THR says that it’s in process which includes screen tests and costume tests. It could very well just be coming down to Pattinson agreeing to terms and signing the dotted line.

Warners Bros is said to be very weary about getting this casting and movie right after Ben left the role and they were not able to get the franchise started with him that they wanted.  The script is said to be in the final stages of being perfected as well.

The Matt Reeves Batman news doesn’t end there though. The site is also hearing that the script could include as many as a half dozen villains. The movie will for sure have two villains with one of them most likely being Penguin but there are talks of the Riddler and Catwoman being in the film as well. Back in September Matt posted an image showing mannequins of Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman in the Adam West attire.

This all seems to be coming together and there are additional reports that filming could begin this year or early next year. Get ready for a wild Comic Con cause I’m sure we will be getting more news the closer we get to the huge summer event.

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