Valiant Gives Bloodshot New Upgraded Series Ahead of Upcoming Sony Movie

With Bloodshot making his way to the big screen with Vin Diesel starring as the machine-man assassin in February, the comic book studio Valiant will roll out a new upgraded series that will launch in September. This reload will be founded by Valiant bringing in writer Tim Seely and artist Brett Booth for the upcoming series that will be symbiotic with the new film. Declan Shalvey will illustrate the covers and a trade paperback that will collect the first three monthly issues will arrive in December.

Here is an exclusive preview:

Valiant will also bring a special Bloodshot adventure as the company’s giveaway for the Free Comic Book Day; we expect to hear more after Seeley’s appearance at Emerald City Comic Con, happening today.

Seeley commented:

“I don’t feel like I need to reinvent the wheel with Bloodshot. What I need to do is tell a big, crazy story that can only be done in comics, and I need it to be powerful and emotional and relevant in a way only comics can do. I want to go back to basics and tell a story about a guy who was made to be a weapon but isn’t allowing anyone to use him ever again. He’s an outcast, an outsider, and he can’t help but use his indestructible body to help people, even though all it ever does is get him in trouble. With great power comes a great big pile of shell casings!”

Bloodshot the movie will premiere on February 21, 2020.

Source: Deadline