Warner Bros. Developing An American Version of James Bond


According to The Hashtag show

Warner Bros is currently developing an American version of James Bond called Jett Day.

Created by writer Bill DuBuque (Ozark, The Accountant), Jett Day will tell the story of a black ops agent working to keep a newly discovered diamond mine from falling into the hands of foreign powers.

DuBuque’s script thrilled studio exec Kevin McCormick who is now searching for a director and working with the studio to develop a potential list of candidates to take on both the lead role of Jett Day and his Uncle Brendan. The studio is hoping for a Chris Hemsworth-type for the role of Day and a Brad Pitt-type for Brendan.

When I first read the headlines for this I thought this was a bad idea to do but reading into it I actually found myself wanting to watch this. Bill Dubuque who did Ozark one of the best shows out to date and The Accountant which is a very good movie in my opinion.

What do you all think of this news? Does this sound intriguing or should Warner Bros focus on something else? Comment down below.