Warner Media Reveals Some Details About Their Upcoming Streaming Service


Back in October, Warner Media announced their plans for a new Streaming Service but were short of details. Today, Kevin Reilly, the president of TBS and TNT and chief creative officer for Turner Entertainment, shared some of the details of the service which will include over 42,000 hours of content that will include HBO, as well as DC, Looney Tunes, Turner, The CW and CNN.  This would include a cornucopia of entertainment ranging from classic cartoons such as Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo, as well as shows like The Flash, RBG and The Alienist. Not to mention films like The Lord of the Rings, The Hangover and classics like Casablanca and Gone with the Wind. 

If that isn’t enough, there is still original content in the works although that is in the future. This was made clear by Reilly:

Our beta version of the service will not have original content on it but you’ll see that in 2020 and then ramping up. You can expect it to be in all verticals that we’ve identified here: kids and family, teens, young adults and adult category.

Of course, with all their native content to draw from, they will not be short of material to stream to audiences. With all the streaming services available, do you see taking the plunge and watching Warner Media? Share your viewpoints with us at GVNation.

Source: Deadline