Westworld Could Have a Shorter Third Season Than Previous Two


Westworld’s third season is not expected to come out until 2020, but fans will be happy to know that according to Revenge of the Fans, production on the upcoming season will begin on March 25th of this year. This HBO had a full, mind-boggling second season and we wouldn’t expect anything less from another installment, with needing extra time in order to really work everything out.

With the previous two seasons being ten episodes, it seems that the rumor is that season three will be 8, one-hour episodes. Which, I have reservations of. Of course, I never want Westworld to skimp out on quality and there’s nothing I dislike more than unnecessary filler content, but there’s so much to love of Westworld that the idea of having less is a little disappointing. We’ll see if this rumor becomes truth, but what do you think about the idea of a shorter season? And who would you like to see come back?