Westworld Set Photos Show Thandie Newton Fighting Off WWII Soldier

The third season of Westworld is certainly going to give us a different feel than the previous two seasons, as evident by the trailer that was released right after Game of Thrones’ series finale. While the trailer focused on Aaron Paul primarily with a small glimpse of Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores at the end, we didn’t see any other character that we’ve come to love in the series. Especially Thandie Newton’s Maeve, a fan favorite; who unfortunately met her “demise” in the second season’s last episode.

Now thanks to Metro.co.uk, we have pictures of Maeve, looking like she is kicking ass against a WWII soldier. Could this mean another park on the island?

It will be interesting to see what mind-altering scenes they give us in season three, considering how utterly crazy season two was. With Thandie coming back, I’m wondering who else we will see make their return, as we all see as evident by both Ben Barnes and Anthony Hopkins – just because a character is “dead” doesn’t mean we won’t see them again.

Westworld returns in 2020