Westworld’s Jimmi Simpson May Not Appear in Season Three


While Jimmi Simpson played a character in season one who seemed much like the kind of man any girl would want, his portrayal as a young William in the season left many seeing him as the true villain and even feeling bad for Ben Barnes’ Logan, who had previously been the “asshole” in season one. While Simpson gave a fantastic performance in season two, it looks like we may not see any flashbacks in season three as the actor reveals he hasn’t yet been invited back for the upcoming season of Westworld.

“I believe for now, Young William, his story is less of a focus there.”

“I feel like I can officially say that I have not been invited [back for Season 3].”

Regardless of this, though; Simpson has stated he’d be open to returning if invited. The final episode of season two left fans wondering what will be of season three, with it seeming that Dolores is now out in “the real world” and it looks like we may not focus as much time on the island of Westworld as the previous two seasons has done. Season three is not expected to return until 2020, so we’ll have to wait to see what is being brewed up for us.

Source: The Wrap