Wheel of Time For a First-Time Reader: Video Reviews of The Fires of Heaven & Lord of Chaos

I wrote previously about my reasons for finally deciding to dive into Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. Since the editor here is so nice, he has decided it was fine by him to continue chronicling my adventures as a novice through “Randland.” Today, the video reviews for book five, The Fires of Heaven, and book 6, Lord of Chaos, are below.

***Just a warning: all book reviews contain spoilers for each book. Please refrain from watching if you have not read each and plan to do so in the future.***

Synopsis: Into the forbidden city of Rhuidean, where Rand al’Thor, now the Dragon Reborn, must conceal his present endeavor from all about him, even Egwene and Moiraine. Into the Amyrlin’s study in the White Tower, where the Amyrlin, Elaida do Avriny a’Roihan, is weaving new plans. Into the luxurious hidden chamber where the Forsaken Rahvin is meeting with three of his fellows to ensure their ultimate victory over the Dragon. Into the Queen’s court in Caemlyn, where Morgase is curiously in thrall to the handsome Lord Gaebril. For once the dragon walks the land, the fires of heaven fall where they will, until all men’s lives are ablaze. And in Shayol Ghul, the Dark One stirs…

Synopsis: On the slopes of Shayol Ghul, the Myrddraal swords are forged, and the sky is not the sky of this world;
In Salidar the White Tower in exile prepares an embassy to Caemlyn, where Rand Al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn, holds the throne–and where an unexpected visitor may change the world….In Emond’s Field, Perrin Goldeneyes, Lord of the Two Rivers, feels the pull of ta’veren to ta’veren and prepares to march…Morgase of Caemlyn finds a most unexpected, and quite unwelcome, ally….And south lies Illian, where Sammael holds sway…

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