Which Villains Didn’t Make The Cut for Season 5 of ‘Gotham’


If Season 5 of Gotham was a can of Coffee, it would be the “Chock full of Villains” variety. As we return to Gotham in Season 5, Gotham is completely full of villains, ranging from Batman’s who’s who of bad guys to some of the more obscure criminals from the Dark Knight’s portfolio. That means that Characters like Bane, Magpie, Mutant Leader, and others will make their appearance in Gotham in Season 5. Seems like more than enough for anyone, but if you can believe it, there were supposed to be even more villains on the screen when Gotham returns next year.

While making a recent visit to the Gotham set, ComicBook.com spoke to showrunner John Stephens about the influx of villainy that was set to infest Gotham, they asked him which villains unfortunately didn’t make the final roster?

I’ve been trying to get Condiment King in for five years, but every time I pitch Condiment King, people are like, ‘we’re not going to be doing Condiment King,'” Stephens said. We do have a couple things like that coming. We have … because we were never able, at the end of the day, unfortunately, to get in the Ventriloquist, which especially for No Man’s Land feels like something we should have done, you know? But every time we wrote him in, he just kept getting squeezed out by the story, so we have Easter Eggs with him in the story, obviously. And we have smaller gangs that feature in throughout no-man’s-land that we’ve put into the story as well. But I would say Ventriloquist is probably the big one that we didn’t do. But otherwise not so much.”

Seriously, who wouldn’t have wanted to see a live-action Condiment King on TV? Although as fun as that might have been, you could understand why he might not have fit in with the other villains. Shame really. But we did get Bane, although he will apparently be a pain in Alfred’s back. So what other villains in Batman’s Rogue Gallery would you have liked to see? Share your Most Wanted with us at GVNation.